Twin City Security, LLC has provided bonded unarmed and armed security services for private businesses and government agencies in Alabama since 1975. Our purpose and mission is to provide our clients quality and professional security service. We have vast experience providing security services to nearly every type of industrial facility, including the
Alabama Department of Human Resources branches, the City of Mobile office buildings, the Department of Transportation rest areas, and the University of Alabama and Auburn University area apartment complexes. Our security officers receive training that includes report writing, first aid, legal authority, sexual harassment, and patrolling. Security officers obtain firearms training if their post assignment requires it. Our management staff is always seeking new advancements in private security and passes the information when it becomes available to our employees through memorandums and training seminars. Twin City Security, LLC is a certified Contract Security Company as established by the Alabama Security Regulatory Board.

Main Services

Security Guard Services

(Armed and Unarmed) Provide protective services of prevention and control such as foot patrols and vehicle patrols to monitor and deter criminal activity that could occur

Access Control

Monitors gates or doors to prevent unauthorized people from entering properties

Receptionist Services

Answers phones and directs people to authorized locations

Loss Prevention

Reduces the amount of theft and shrinkage within a business by vigilant surveillance and quickness to act

CCTV Monitoring

Monitors closed circuit televisions in an effort to protect all property and all people on the client's premises

Security Surveys

Completes inspections and analysis of a facility to uncover security flaws and to assess facility security procedures/equipment